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You Again

So stuck on me
And all I am
Is the static between stations,
White noise vibrations
The matrix between cells,
The void that fell
Between occupied spaces,
Lost and lacking graces,

But for Your face turned to see me.

I make nothing
I offer nothing, I am nothing
But what I’ve always been,
A tiny bundle of blood and sin,
Crying out in the field I’m thrown,
No suckling, no home
Until You cradled me near
You – all I love, and crave, and fear

And betray, and hold dear.

I’m tossed under the night sky
And every burning star
Is a light left on for me,
To guide me home, to see
You still care
Not that I’m impaired,
But that I’m still Yours
You – setting my course

And sustaining the force of my momentum.

Striking Out Colorless

I yield
This flesh that rips like paper,
And weeps at every fold,
Incapable of withstanding
The fire or the cold.

I relent
My stone fist,
Fossilizing life and days,
Poverty and wealth
And my every wicked display.

I kneel
On broken legs,
I offer the wrist to chain,
To live, to live a slave,
To die if You ordain.

I raise the white flag
Over my fortress You’ve laid siege;
I surrender all,
All my Lord, to thee.

All Washed Up

How blessed I’ve been to live this life,
Constant as the ocean swells,
And churns, and ebbs as well
Eroding the sands of time.

What happy collisions I’ve had
Inside these currents
With propellants and deterrents
Who swim alongside.

In these frothy waters,
This soup-bowl of brine,
I’ve breathed the divine
And swallowed the rest.

When these mighty waves of salt
Wash me upon the great white shore,
When I can eat the sands no more,
I will leave behind my shell,

And, oh, the stories it could tell.

Striking the Colors

You are God of the wind and the root,
and I, a flag between the two;
tethered to the Truth,
bowing, blowing, windstrewn.
No roots of my own, but a tangle
Of knot and cord
And strangled
And held secure.
Falling flat, stretching unfurled,
And always clinging to my stake
In the ground, in this world
I pray You remake.
Unyielding in my doubt,
Compliant with each gale
Rippling me throughout.
You who never fail, don’t fail
Never release, nor relent,

Even when I fall,
Even when I fail to repent.

God of Wonderment

Oh God of the smiling moon
Who watches me these many nights,
While swimming in my mother’s womb,
And blind in my first cries
You cradled me with tune
And steadied me upright.

Oh God of the dancing stars
Who stands guard over my bed,
Who sought me from afar
And resurrected all my dead
Who gently dressed my scars
and kissed my fevered head.

Oh God of the cloudless deep,
Who framed the soul of man
In flesh of day and bone of sleep
Who weaves our purposes to plan
All that is inside Your keep,
And all I am with all I can

Lifting muddy hands
Cry out Hallelujah
Holy, Holy, Holy!

Holy, Holy, Holy!