Monthly Archives: November 2013

Longer Shadows Fall

When did this first begin
The sleepless nights?
The restless thoughts?

I opened the Book again,
I read about men of might,
The wars they fought

Waged against their Maker
A brief desire to lend the ear,
But hubris on their faces

Urged them to forsake, or
Attack with no fear
Of their creaturely places

Before the God of all fury and graces.

A Light Scattering

See me
Wrapped in this black shroud,
A wandering, whistling cloud
Free me
To some purpose, some passion
Or keep me in this bastion
Only thin the haze that blinds me
Spill kindness, the kind that reminds me
To endure.


How dark the struggle, the sorrow,
The dim days of man’s persistence
Born in blood and water
To a pathless existence,
A rocky ascent through
Briars and thorns,
Fists and the forgotten
Sorrow numbed, joy mourned,
Dumb when questioned,
Deaf when told
The blessing of life is
Growing old.
Wrinkle and fade,
Ebb away, but time
Is all the gift of man.
Death, our crime,
Weighs heavy on our histories.
How dank our intentions,
Turned inward, turned downward,
Too lurid to mention
But never unknown

Until love interrupts.
How sharp the contrast
The breath of God
From now, from ages past
In deep elixir swallows
To soothe the wounds
The fears and fallows
Of fate and faithlessness.

Winter Crystallizing

Sounds of summer lingering
Though day is fading fast
Leap chirping through my window
As wild as they are vast,
Perfect days of teeming life
Unmuted and unmasked,
But silence falls too soon,
Too soon the heat is passed

And another winter’s cast.