Monthly Archives: December 2014

Causal Necessity

How I’ve mitigated these great fears
Howling at my threshold
Unnoticed and ignored the years
Before this foothold.

Now the wind has torn the shutters.
I search the storm in vain
Through littered banks and gutters
For any piece that may remain.

Creeping cold that bites at me,
Distrust at every turn,
No sanctuary inside of me
No rightful place to discern.

I search for splintered timber,
But I’ve wandered farther still,
Than I could return, or remember;
My path rolls on downhill.

My little cabin I’ve indwelled
Reduced to burning wood,
And all once standing, now is felled,
And all maligns the Good.

Now I yearn for quiet snow
To frost this filthy earth;
To change the things I think I know,
To give unto hope rebirth.

How little consideration
I ever gave the wind
When I thought my habitation
Protected me from sin.

And I Know

And I Know
There must always be
Some other way across
But you pushed past me
And your indulgences have cost
Us all the years between
What we found and what we lost.

And I Know
To take from you will take from me,
But my inaction yet succumbs
To the weight of all I see,
To the route you can’t outrun.
I seal the barrier between
What we have been and will become.

And I Know
We are pulled by one gravity.
As yours, my hands are stained.
We are both the guilty party;
Without repentance, we remain.
Therefore, I pray this space between
Breaks us both the same

So we can taste free, and be

Broken Down

Another night of endless pain
Pulling me from the deep
Piercing jabs of mortality
Strangulating my sleep
Reminding me, reminding me
This life, we cannot keep.

Another night of endless pain
Forever on the brink
Experienced, I tread the wave,
Exhausted, now I sink
Under these churning, tempest tides
My body is forced to drink.

The Role of a Lifetime

The moment I guess it all began:
They taught me the opposite of man
Is woman

And who I became was decreed
By who I could not be,
Where I could not belong.

It seemed hopeless,
Opposites, not in symbiosis,
But in diametric tasks

With some necessary exposure,
Friends close, enemies closer,
And a marriage between the two.

I’m grateful for these years I’ve spent
Finding the two complement,
Not contradict

But I still ground the definition me,
Not in who I am,
But in who I could never be.

Forgive, Forgive

Forgive me, friends
When silence falls
And marble walls
Again defend,
Again shut out
The broken spin,
Fatigued again,
And plagued by doubt.

Forgive me, friends
If in your lack
My lamp goes black,
Or I offend,
While my eye is bad
And only sees
All I cannot do or be,
All I can’t deserve, yet have.