Monthly Archives: April 2023

The Passion of Youth

I remember the struggle
Stumbling forward, learning the steps
Momentum threatening a fall
But I embraced the trouble
Learning with no nets,
And inherent risk in all.

I sensed the imperative
Coded in the marrow of deep bone
Living unrehearsed
In a wild, meterless narrative
A billion and alone
Tasked to contribute a verse

While the heartbeats counted down
And the drums pounded time
To the metronome of breath
My temporal feet bare on ancient ground
Fumbling the rhymes
To say what I could before death

And the grave rang like an alarm.

Dear Father God,

I can’t hear the drumbeats anymore.
Nor the rhythm of fife and song
Beside which, step by step in step
My naive words marched along
Gone, all gone.

I can’t taste the disturbed earth
Stirred between the sole and the globe
Scuffled into rising clouds, trailing down
Like the train of a monarch’s robe
As off we’d go

And I don’t miss the words
A galaxy in locus
Weaving points to define ideas
Complexities in single-minded focus
Or endeavoring thus.

The everyday simplicity
Of working with my hands,
And leaning into silence
Feels a better way to stand
But either way,

I yield to Your plan,
Come what may.