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My King

You are no respecter of persons.
You do not gaze uncouth
At heaps of hoarded wealth,
Nor crave to devour tender youth.

In You there is no shadow of turning.
You do not rise to set
As we frantically orbit your constancy
Spinning our dizzy, dancing minuet

And some of us fall broken,
Restless though we’re lame,
But You raise up the conquered,
And lend the indigent your name.

You exalt the humbled,
And Your heart stands for the poor
So they will stand inside Your grace,
Singing Your song forevermore.

God of Wonderment

Oh God of the smiling moon
Who watches me these many nights,
While swimming in my mother’s womb,
And blind in my first cries
You cradled me with tune
And steadied me upright.

Oh God of the dancing stars
Who stands guard over my bed,
Who sought me from afar
And resurrected all my dead
Who gently dressed my scars
and kissed my fevered head.

Oh God of the cloudless deep,
Who framed the soul of man
In flesh of day and bone of sleep
Who weaves our purposes to plan
All that is inside Your keep,
And all I am with all I can

Lifting muddy hands
Cry out Hallelujah
Holy, Holy, Holy!

Holy, Holy, Holy!