Monthly Archives: July 2016

Tried and True

Battered by waves
And the contrary wind
In our fragile boats:
The Human Condition.

Dawn breaks
What ghost treads
Where boats sink-
We’re filled with dread.

But the specter speaks
Courage and assurance.
It is You;
We find endurance.

Boldness to ask, to walk
On the tide of death,
Risking all we have:
Desperate securities, diminishing breath

To step to You, our greatest dread
But the fearsome wind is cruel
And we are still but frail flesh,
Wide-eyed, sinking fools.

But where Your word first went
Your palms extend as well.
We cry out: You reach out
Pulling us from swells

Calming the wind, the sea, our fear
You put us in our place
Returned, perhaps, to our little boats
But secure now in our faith.