Monthly Archives: January 2014

A Breath Away

You’ve tucked your burning hands
Underneath my shoulder blades,
Inhaling fire in piercing waves
Exhaling when it fades,
And what is your name?
And where was your home
Before you made one
In the wheeze and the moan?
Are you growing, or going away,
With every pang I ignore,
Are your flaming hands holding me down,
Or are they pushing me forward?

Striking Out Colorless

I yield
This flesh that rips like paper,
And weeps at every fold,
Incapable of withstanding
The fire or the cold.

I relent
My stone fist,
Fossilizing life and days,
Poverty and wealth
And my every wicked display.

I kneel
On broken legs,
I offer the wrist to chain,
To live, to live a slave,
To die if You ordain.

I raise the white flag
Over my fortress You’ve laid siege;
I surrender all,
All my Lord, to thee.


Pain rouses me from slumber,
Keeps me awake to talk,
And I lumber into conversation,
Too tired to politely walk,

And if You want me to hear
I am glad for Your attention,
Only open my ears
If You mean my comprehension

But You alone are wise;
If need be
Open just my eyes.

Only the Lonely

Nothing to offer,
So little to give,
Overextended by every
Last day I have lived
And would you forgive me
If I sank in deep?

Latching on secure
Where there is no clasp,
Belittling the future
To exploit the past
And I cannot grasp the reason
I remain another season

I wait for a beacon to guide me.