Endless Songs

There’s some illness in the core of me
shivering throughout
and I know I must go in to see
what the trouble is about
but I am taking a moment to rest
at peace within the pain
My wounds are tenderly dressed
by the sweetest of refrains

The God of Grace, of Peace, of Love
Evermore the same,
Sings comfort to me by name.

Recovered Gladness

I’m so grateful for my life,
My every day, the ins and outs,
The tiny occurrences
Becoming what I’m about
They flood back to me now
In joy, I’m drenched
Rewritten in laughter
After my jaw unclenched
My story returns in blossoms
Suddenly complete
And the little appearing morsels
Surprise with forgotten sweetness:
Pumping the pedals of my bike
In my brother’s hot pursuit.
Piling into a Christmas Mall
to buy my father a real suit.
Passing off my sister’s homemade cookies
As my own baking, to impress a boy-
Moment after moment,
Joy after joy,
And they were almost lost
All these wandering years
But kindness on kindness
Brings them near again-

Oh, the delight they give!
I’m so grateful for the life I’ve lived.

Father God

Tiny baby legs
Shuffle by in stampede
Chubby baby cheeks
Giggle with glee
And I laugh out loud
As praise to You,
Who in tender mystery
Formed all things new.

I’m in awe of all You do.

Sovereign Ancient Friend

Curled up once, under
Fury and fist
All the gnashing and gnawing,
The tainted and twisted
I felt You with me,
And I wept
Sorrow for the loss;
Gratitude You kept
My tiny soul in Your graces.

Curled up again, under
Physical pain
A familiar barrage
But You remain
And I weep
Gratitude for our years;
Joy that You keep
All things in Your hand

And You have planted me
In faithfulness,

In Your enduring faithfulness.

Weathering the Pain

A perfect storm is howling
In the ocean’s upraised fists
Bellowing forth her furies
Spewing drenching mists
Clouds surround in crowds
Concealing the desperate fight
Of a tiny ship in tempest,
A pitiful, puny sight
And my little fingers cling
To the groaning, creaking mast
As we’re tossed about by waves
I fight to keep my grasp
The rain shows no discretion
In pelting my burning skin
And the sea, she shows no quarter
To the broken vessel that I am
My ears are full and ringing
My strength feels almost gone,
But I trust I must keep singing,
Keep on keeping on

To the sudden break of dawn.

Oh My Mygraine

These migraines

Drive me insane

There’s so much pain

I could nearly drain

My brain

Through a straw…

But that’s ridiculous.

It is Now

He pulled close to us
In creation, forming by delicate hand,
So close His breath filled our lungs.
Mankind learned to stand
Inside His tender proximity.

He pulled close to us
In manger hay and baby skin,
Walking in unbreakable love
Not counting our sin
But for the payment He would make.

He pulls close to us,
The day is nearly here!
As a ship approaches the harbor,
With His Father at the steer,
He stands giddy in the prow.

He is so close,
Radiating joy through all alarms
If I lived ninety years
It would only be falling forward into His arms.