Monthly Archives: July 2015


From along your bonny shores,
All your words slipped out to sea
Under tides of salted foam, their form
Retained their mystery
Until they found my port
Until they came to live with me.
And through the tempest, and the storm,
We became each other’s lee.

Now we have grown, intertwined,
Like two branches in the wind
Holding hands in like kind
Until our hands can mend.
I sheltered, you refined:
We became identical, adoptive twins.
And all the words I can find
Came first from you, my friend.

Very soon, I’ll fly to you,
To the place where you were born.
I’ll see your heather, and your blue
Your grey and misty morns.
I’ll walk your cobbled dew
Along the path already worn
By those whose hearts were true,
By those whose oaths were sworn,

To face what cannot be subdued
To write what can’t be mourned


How we rove to find fault lines
Along the beggars’ crust.
Drunkards at our temples’ wines
Before they fall to dust,
And all we crave, and all that shines
Is eaten o’er with rust.

Kingdoms built up single-handed
Walling out their friend.
Blood and water have demanded:
Evaporation is their end.
The fools have all disbanded
Repackaged to transcend.

Governments so small
One mere ruler need preside.
Taxes levied all,
But none will thus divide.
We have built our gates so tall
To neglect the space inside!