Monthly Archives: February 2015

Our Native Land

How I yearn for lightness,
The unflinching faith
That lifts the unblemished face
To smile at the fists of time.

I recall laughter
Bubbling from deep soul,
Nothing to dampen, nor console
Boundless joy.

My days got old.
My thoughts, so heavy,
Watch children skip steady
On feet of hope and wonder.

I am atrophied
Or else I would sing,
Dance, lose everything
To skip in lightness again.

Othello’s Song

Have I been chased by shadows?
Bad omens dressed in grown men’s gowns
Have I known this way leads down
Into the unbreachable flow
Of madness and loss?

I grip my love, forced to stay
I allow no slip beyond my span,
It cannot breathe outside my hand,
And therefore can’t betray,
But, oh my love, the cost!