About Me: A Shallow Etching

My name is Cinnamon. I’m from the States: Virginia initially; West Virginia eventually. I’m most grateful above all else to Jesus Christ for applying the balm of His grace to my desperate life. He is a trustworthy King, Creator, Savior, and Friend. I’m also grateful to be a stay-at-home mother to five beautiful girls, with a new little child on the way, and for my dashing husband who makes our every day possible and delightful. I’m an amateur dabbler, but nonetheless passionate about effective language, and the written word.

And if you haven’t yet noticed, I love poetry.

3 responses to “About Me: A Shallow Etching

  • braveandrecklessblog

    Hi Cinnamon- I would love to get to publish your piece The Defendant Rises on Blood Into Ink. (https://bloodintoinksite.com/ ) Please let me know if this would be acceptable to you. I would of course properly cite you and link back to your blog.

    • viewingcamelot

      Dear Christine- I am deeply touched and flattered by your request. Please forgive me for not responding sooner. The truth is, The Defendant Rises was a difficult and painful piece to write. I didn’t want to write it; I’m not proud of it. I wrote it because I knew I must. I wrote it because the longer I held it inside my closed hand, the sharper it became. Honesty is a jagged-edged scalpel sometimes. Sometimes it takes a wound to heal one. That is what this piece represents to me. I believe in honesty, and so I posted it here. And so I also give you permission to re-post it if you still desire. Thank you for being touched by something so intimate to my own soul’s struggles. Thank you for noticing the quiet words I tuck here as my own hidden journal. Thank you for thinking they should be heard.

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