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How long I’ve desired
Something timeless
Love watching me sleep,
Something to keep
When the mundane crimes
Accuse me.

Hard breaths, and long,
I’ve sent out my sonar
My words echo so far
Reflecting off future stars
Coming back home

And I know hope, the answer
She’s a veiled street-dancer
And peddles for free
Wares redemptive to me,
But the music runs long,
A song I can’t remember

How to sing.


I am waiting to breathe
Waiting to die until I can see
A watery horizon,
The layers of wizened
Peel off under the sun
I want to feel the ocean
Smell the salt water in my face,
Listen to its metered race,
Crescendo, crash and rescind,
The passion of the end
Building a new beginning

Each wave brimming with eternity,
and release.

You Again

So stuck on me
And all I am
Is the static between stations,
White noise vibrations
The matrix between cells,
The void that fell
Between occupied spaces,
Lost and lacking graces,

But for Your face turned to see me.

I make nothing
I offer nothing, I am nothing
But what I’ve always been,
A tiny bundle of blood and sin,
Crying out in the field I’m thrown,
No suckling, no home
Until You cradled me near
You – all I love, and crave, and fear

And betray, and hold dear.

I’m tossed under the night sky
And every burning star
Is a light left on for me,
To guide me home, to see
You still care
Not that I’m impaired,
But that I’m still Yours
You – setting my course

And sustaining the force of my momentum.


Over the bridge I thought I burned;

Has this trip home been decades late?

Yet I remember every turn,

And every smell, and every taste.


Memories scattered by the road

As wild poppies on the highway,

Past each new bend an old bloom grows;

And not one has died away.


Following the flow of paint and tar;

Headway through the pain and loss.

Sorrow never stretched so far,

Nor was a greater ocean crossed.


I pursue my childish apparition

And the smell of salt in the air-

Have I forgotten my root system?

I am from somewhere.


I reach the end of land,

The end of me, the end of running

Chanting waves on cluttered sand

Sing the forgotten into forthcoming.


All these years of mourning

A land that never died.

A sudden break in storming;

Nothing is lost. We are alive.


Staring into the waves and wind,

Until the sea stares into me.

I remember who I’ve been,

And who I may still be.