Monthly Archives: February 2019

God, Father, Lover of My Soul

You have been tender with me.
How gently You've tended
               to every moment

I cannot deserve Your love
            but You dote on me,
                  don't You?

I'm in love with You,
and I love You


           like all the earth
           I have ever walked


         like the vast ocean
        of every drop of grace


    like the winding timeline
  along the length of humanity

             the timeline
     You wrote in detail
     You wrote into me
     You traced to get to me

And I am a new thing.
I am Your secret bold one.
And You are my love.

Winter Sands

I long to stand by the sea-
The great, gentle creature
Breathing in time, in tides,
Relentlessly patient.
Her foam churns, yearning-
Abandoned in winter
Like all the rest.


Suddenly Sleepless

Exposed and the past
Beats open my door
The dead of the night move fast
Ever hungry for more
Their voices unaltered
As they invade again
And if I falter
I will fall, unsaved again

From violent intent.