Discipline of Grace

Endure suffering as discipline:
God is dealing with you as sons.
Hebrews 12:7

I have tasted suffering
Meted out, blow by blow,
Throngs of pains and pangs
And I know that I know

I am stronger for it.

I grew closer to Him
In what suffering I endured,
Growing inside His care,
Battered, yet secure

In His sufficiency.

He entrusted me with something
Beyond my scope
I need Him to sustain
Beyond silence or trope

In power and truth.

Falling fearful, I groveled,
I sniveled, I winced
Concerned the difficulty
Was merely recompense

For zigging if I should zag.

I forgot some key truths:
Discipline isn’t merely correction,
Punishment, or retribution-
It’s also difficult, loving direction

Equipping for the future.

And most importantly I forgot,
More than what I do,
More than what I accomplish, or fail,
More than what I put Him through-

Jesus loves me

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