My Bread

Years past, I brought my loaves
My little bits of oil and flour,
I laid them before You
In all Your wealth and power
I prayed You accept my small offering
And rejoiced to see them devoured!

I travelled far, drank the dew,
By You, I’m ever blessed
But I lent my ear to those
Proclaiming bigger to be best-
Embarrassed to bring my little loaves
To place amongst all the rest.

These last few years
I folded a little leaven in:
A dash of works, a dash of man,
Something grand to ascend
But You’ve brought me home
To my simple faith again.

I never stood amongst the mighty-
I inhabited the lonely fields,
And their armor never fit me,
Yet still I did not yield
Because I’d seen You,
And You’ve always been my shield.

I bring another little loaf-
It will never be much to see.
I pray again You accept it
A show of gratitude in humility
With joy in obedience
For Your kindness shown to me

I cannot deserve or impress,
I tremble ere I speak!
But You inhabit little helpless things
The world proclaims as weak;
And Your glory shining forth
Is all I seek.

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