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Of Stronger Stock

We began a journey
With exuberance
And supplies.

Each step denied
Creeping in.

We’ve been traveling
Many roads
And many miles

And these trials
Depleted our reserves
Reduced us

What remains
By decision
Or fate

Is the concentrate
Of our value
And we stand



Strike Anywhere

This under-the-bushel life:
This hush-or-you’ll be seen,
Silent in the strife,
Lucid in the dream,
Choking-out-the-light life

When I should let it burn.

This habit I’ve worn,
These lies I’ve swallowed
Hiding what’s torn,
Filling what’s hollowed
By grief or scorn

With whatever can’t burn,

I keep the wick trimmed
Waiting for an invitation,
But when beckoned, I dim
In reckless hesitation
And sin

Because the light burns

But these dark nights
Call my name
And if light gives sight,
Bring on the flame
It’s time to ignite

My resistance and my purpose
To see what burns,

And what remains.

A History of Brokenness

She weeps offscreen,
Years of bruises thrive
Breaking open unseen
And she’s so strong to survive

Her brokenness.

I smile a hollow smile,
But the lantern is black
I embrace what I revile
And can never take back

My brokenness.

We survived the rocky womb
Dashed to pieces, but breathing
Hoping for a chance to bloom
Before we finished bleeding out

Our brokenness.

And we can’t stay in the lines
So we suffer the scold
For breaking the confines,
For not doing as we’re told,

For not staying broken.

We’re easy to clasp,
But impossible to keep
Because no one has surpassed
The temptation to reap

Where we’ve been broken.

Love doesn’t plunder the cleft
To feed base appetites,
And I’ve only learned this is theft
From the God who weeps at the sight

Of our brokenness.

A God who swears to fashion it for our good,
To make it better than intact
Who entered our misery and withstood
The same bitter attacks

To be broken for us.

Slowly making all things well,
But this process stings,
So we wait for the healing
Only He can bring:

Our Wounded Healer.

On Being Unlovable

I was never
Your moon and stars
You spoke plainly in the woo,
I never meant that to you,
And you were always ready
To let me go

I was never
Ready to leave
Until our last rotation
When years of instigation
Leading to rejection
Suddenly made sense

I was never
For you to pursue
You kept me subdued
Because it was easy
And fun

I was never
The problem
I was once pretty enough
To scrape together some love
If love had been the goal
Or possibility

I was never
Seen by you,
And now, so close to goodbye,
You suddenly begin to try
To put away the tools of your trade:
Isolation and indifference

I was never
Your moon and stars,
Merely the one you’d chosen
To keep forever waiting frozen
With all your other possessions
For the warmth of your touches

Meted out like alms to the poor.

Love’s New Song

So alone under your arm
All these years
And now we’ve shaken the china shelves
And broken those fragile edges

And our finest pieces are fragments
But we see them now, don’t we?
And you broke me
but you didn’t leave the rubble behind

You chose anyone else
While you cracked my design
But you came back
And isn’t that love?

So we pick up these days now
Bound by the sorrows
We’ve painted on each other’s faces
Our tender, unspoken regrets

I used to see the world
Measured in rhyme
But these new shades
Echo in chaotic dissonance

And I don’t know what fits
And I don’t know where I am
If I can’t hear the patter
Of cosmic symmetry

But you revolve through my sky
Some kind of new, varying constant
And I know now
You are not certain

And the sun may fall on us
It may crush our days
But perhaps from the ash
We may stand once more, shoulder to shoulder

This is not the love song I wanted to sing
This is not the dream of love
That makes a bride giggle
But it is real

As torn flesh, and sleeplessness
And the winter desperation
For summer-heated skin
If only to know

You aren’t a walking corpse.

Obliquely Passionate

I was told to sit, and stay still,
And still I stay.

Passion is suffering,
The smoldering fire that fuels
The deepest desires
Whether noble or base,
We spit in the face
Of all our failures
But they have nailed us
To our mundane posts
Where we mostly stay,

I was told to sit, and hush,
And hushed I stay.

While all the love in me
Sparks above the surface
And begs eye contact
From stone statues.
Engage and live or fade
The dying embers lay
On every shore
But once more we could
Live the good we say
We mostly believe

I was told to sit, to wait my turn,
And I sit, I smolder,
I burn


Each new step
Unfolds something better.
The baggage I carry with me:
Love letters.

Even I forget
The strength for new steps
Doesn’t come from amnesia
Or pickled regrets

But active Love
will travel.