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Obliquely Passionate

I was told to sit, and stay still,
And still I stay.

Passion is suffering,
The smoldering fire that fuels
The deepest desires
Whether noble or base,
We spit in the face
Of all our failures
But they have nailed us
To our mundane posts
Where we mostly stay,

I was told to sit, and hush,
And hushed I stay.

While all the love in me
Sparks above the surface
And begs eye contact
From stone statues.
Engage and live or fade
The dying embers lay
On every shore
But once more we could
Live the good we say
We mostly believe

I was told to sit, to wait my turn,
And I sit, I smolder,
I burn


Half the pleasure is in the hope
The child awake on Christmas night
Envisioning some unknown heights
Of bliss, awaiting first light
To awaken their scope.

Half the agony is in the fear,
The woman on the edge of labor pains,
With everything to lose, or to gain,
On the other end of unsustained,
Unmeasured anguish drawing near.

All that we anticipate
Always becoming half our fate.