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Let the Redeemed of The Lord Say So

How tremulous are the times,
These smooth faced crimes
We cultivate as pets
Feeding crumbled regrets
Until our hands are stained bare
Our ignorance declares
Our bloodthirsty guilt.
We are born to wilt,
Screaming wild from the womb
Against our descent to the tomb
Fascinated with all that lies beneath,
Sheep with carnivorous teeth
Tearing at the soft flesh
The crave and the thirst enmesh
And each entanglement, syrup sweet
And each digestion, a mortal defeat.
On our mounds of filth, we stand
Making worship, inherently hand in hand,
An abstraction we practice alone
Bowing at our own thrones
Bowing, but never to sit
Playing the king, but unfit
To reign.

You reign
Holy and blameless
Ever shameless
Even against our mess,
This howling failure to confess
And repent, and consent to life.
Taking the enemy for wife
Restoring order to the disjointed
Renewing Your anointed

Who were the worst of the lot.

Holy, Holy, Holy



More than romance or rescue,

Or the grandeur of what You do,

More than the tragedy of our insurrection,

Or the compassion in Your affection,


You are Holy, Holy, Holy.


More than a savior, more than The Source

Replacing stony hatred with warm remorse

And weaving sorrow into joy complete-

Washing the creatures’ dirty feet


You are Holy, Holy, Holy.


Before all time began, and on beyond

Before the stars bowed to respond

To the voice of their Architect-

Before the death You resurrect


You are Holy, Holy, Holy.


Before I learned to bow the knee,

Or grasp You as my guarantee,

Or see the Truth in everything-

Before I ever learned to sing


You are Holy, Holy, Holy.