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TB or Not TB

I’m stressed; scared to death
The pain in my chest
Could be transferable.

Fighting the blues; waiting for news
With so much to lose
For those who’ve loved me.

I resist defeat; my faith complete,
But earth tilts beneath my feet
Waiting, waiting for the diagnosis.

Am I so sick? My mind plays tricks
All my exhales burning thick:
Must loving me always be a risk?

Shhh, I try to deny
That age old lie
Repeating that I am contaminated,

And every soul drawing close
Pays a toll
Atop the kindness

When I mean no harm.

Some Body Work

The engine idles too low,
And you’d better check the fluids.
It’s been a hundred miles since that was done-
I guess I meant to do it.
There’s a wheezing in the exhaust,
And she sputters and she stalls,
Whenever I hit the brake too fast
She screeches shrill bird calls.
Aside from gas and oil,
Well, not much else gets done.
Don’t bother with her outer shell-
I’m just concerned she runs.

Yeah, I’ll schedule another return trip
When I’m paying your receptionist.
Late October? Will I still be alive by then?