My Love, My One

Oh you,
What words have I not already wrung dry?
To say I love you in a million ways
Some written or spoken
Others lived out
In the untold proclamations
Of coffee refills and shared glances,
Oh my word, I love you,
From that day I was spoken for,
But we sat across the table and
Something made complex and intact sense
About your entire existence
Hot potato and musical chairs,
And we’re still here
Hidden signals before we knew
What we had could thrive,
Could have a name,
Could share one.
We traveled down the aisle
And hundreds of miles
Now we’ve traveled years as well-
Every year I love you more.
Every year I learn to be loved,
As we wrote into our wedding.
You stand broader now,
Grown into your integrity
Like a giant sentry stands erect,
And we laugh at the ecosystems
expressed in partial sentences,
a single word sometimes,
a nuance or inflection,
giggles and whispers and smuggled kisses
And you’ve proved,
Through every season,
To be the better portion
Of all I am.

You are worthy of the one:
The one love I had to give,
The one life I had to share,
The one hope I could invest,
The one partner to labor with,
And laugh with,
Embracing every moment
As a table for two.

Oh you,
Come What May,
With my every seam, I love you.
I’ve always loved you.

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