Not Quite Requited Church

Last night I dreamed
Walking through the fearful sleep,
The aching loss, the sudden sight
Of loves I couldn’t keep
Or purge.

And I wondered upon waking
If You felt the electric proximity
Of a bride not ready for the taking,
Did You wrestle to hold Your equanimity
So her equity wasn’t compromised?

You came from unreachable heights
To walk beside her in flesh,
Did You ache at the sight
Of who she wasn’t yet,
Or who she would become?

Did You see the future molding her
In her fledgling eyes,
Did You yearn to hold her
Against Your chest, under those skies-
Did You know Your time had not come yet?

Did You feel the temptation contrary to reason,
To pluck the fruit accessible,
To defer waiting for the proper season
To express the still inexpressible
Or subvert waiting?

Because we see what You did instead
Walking with her in tender restraint,
Passionate and patient, You led
In purity without taint,
A life given for her good.

You loved her to death all along
Taking those electric moments in stride,
Investing Your love where it belonged
You earned the ransom for Your bride,
In which I now may join

Unto our selfless Groom
And King.

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