Monthly Archives: August 2013


Oh pale moon, swimming
In the inky black, spinning
Always around, and again around
Your gravity’s weight strikes my ground
Forming tides to push and pull
This twirling sphere, swirling full
Of water, earth, wind and flame
While you cower sterile, tamed
Dust and rock and voicelessly
Pace and fret so noiselessly
Mostly covered in shadow, undetected
But only known by light reflected.

Mum’s the Dirge

When grief cannot speak
She wanders the dark space
Wringing her hands
and scratching her face
and silently beating the earth
From whence she came,
to whence again return
Unchanged, and never the same.

While desperate she roams mute
her tempestuous fury builds
with the tears she cannot shed
Her own black heart is filled
With the desire to kill and assuage
If only to loose her tongue
To free her constrained farewells,
To uncage what is caught unsung

To let love grieve and die
and speak again
and fly.

Cerebral Lullabies

Tired mind, why can’t you sleep?
You are safe within my head;
Wall of bone, your ivory keep,
Now put your rowdy thoughts to bed.

Hush now, before the day arrives
And all your tasks fall on your pillow.
You are wasting one of your daily lives
Riding the nightly billows

That should be rocking you to slumber.

Ars Memorativa

The monkey cannot weave its tail
Back through each familiar tree,
Each leap and fall, each land and fail,
Back to the ground to see
Which rotted branch in stride
Giving way when grasped
Conspired thus to guide
Where it would not have cast.

Man alone can clasp his tale
And trace collisions in his course
To speak to Time, to take her veil,
To taste the very breath of source
Leading him from there to here
By his zeal and hesitation,
By his fancy and his fear
Transforming his path and destination.


Gratitude that swells the soul
And pushes joy through open eyes
When all is mended, all is well,
And in the midst of great surprise
Delight settles in her little nest
And preens her precious feathers
And we awake from better into best
To the care that holds unsevered

The loves that last forever.

Carpe Mane

Wake up.
Wake up and face the day
Time is a paper boat afloat
Slipping ever further away
From your dancing fingertips
Seize whatever corner you can
One day it will sink deep
And you will regret each wasted hour
Submerged in dreamless sleep.

Wake up.


200 Public Utterances

200 strides from where I began.
200 steps from there to here,
Pushing away 200 times,
200 times of falling near.

200 footsteps I have made
Trudging through the muck of time.
200 little victories-
200 footprints left behind.

Lavender Moons

Part I

I’m just half a moon away.

That’s all the time it’ll take

Before the shadows that fall to day

Slip off the moon, the lunar gate

Opens to you again.


Half a moon to see you smile

The hidden surface is a child

Playing hide to my seek while

Counting down. I’m wild

To see you again


In just half a moon.


Part II

Half a moon since I saw you last,
Time revolves, ahead and past,
Now half the moon has gone away
And half the world has gone to gray.


Nothing ventured, nothing gained

But I cannot change

The angle of repose

Adding to the top, as high as it goes

But everything tumbles to the base

Constantly spreading to fill its space

I pour my noblest thoughts at peak

One by one, the highest strata seek,

But they mostly spill back to the ground-


Still, nothing sought is nothing found.


Faith Statements

Science is a fascinating religion.
Somewhere under the ideas and opinions
The activity of life functions regardless.
We poke and pry and prod all this
Hypothesis by hypothesis, shade by shade,
Til we can hardly absorb the spectrum we’ve made
Of complementary to contradictory theories
All following wherever the evidence leads
Searching for the deeper, clearer truth
And struggling against the consensus view
Whether met with censure or acclamation;

It closely resembles Protestant reticulation.