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Just So

And has there ever been, from birth
Any moment, or breath,
Some collision of word, or flesh,
That was ever anything of worth

Without You wrapped in it?

We dig our gardens, our graves,
Passing our rote to little minds,
Studying tides, and stars, and all kinds
Of grasping, assuming we’re saved

By our tasks and do we miss You?

Let the floods commence
Eroding our mud breaches
Folding in on what we teach is
Our greatest recompense:

The surviving members of creation.

You will come with mighty roar
Like the oceans we adore
And our proud knees will drop
And our hard hearts will stop in our proud chests

On the dry shores of our vested interests.

Will we forget our complex knots?
Our webs of assent, the tangles
Of all the wisdom we’ve mangled
And all the lies we’ve bought,

And peddled.

Even so, Lord Jesus, come.

Ars Memorativa

The monkey cannot weave its tail
Back through each familiar tree,
Each leap and fall, each land and fail,
Back to the ground to see
Which rotted branch in stride
Giving way when grasped
Conspired thus to guide
Where it would not have cast.

Man alone can clasp his tale
And trace collisions in his course
To speak to Time, to take her veil,
To taste the very breath of source
Leading him from there to here
By his zeal and hesitation,
By his fancy and his fear
Transforming his path and destination.