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Dear God,

She writes, she dreams,
In dark carnival scenes
Mad-toothed barkers, twisted mirrors,
Remorseless, deathless terrors
In suspended animation-
I shared in her damnation:
It’s all true, in sideways shards
Where truth leaves truth marred
Where mothers’ lips fuel hearses;
Where mothers’ tongues drip curses
And hunger puts its fist in baby-bellies
And the cold pulls warriors to felled knees,
And bruises, like tribal tattoos, shine
Flaunting hell in knuckle-designs
Barkers estimating height, and weight,
And every flaw, sin, or mistake
Stench and stale smothering
Tender skin succumbed to stings
Of ruthless consumption and defacement:
Run-down rides in broken-down basements.
And she writes with teeth still piercing skin,
Like goodness died, and carnies win,

And I need You to be You again-
The unchangeable God: the same
Yesterday, today, and always.

Lavender Moons

Part I

I’m just half a moon away.

That’s all the time it’ll take

Before the shadows that fall to day

Slip off the moon, the lunar gate

Opens to you again.


Half a moon to see you smile

The hidden surface is a child

Playing hide to my seek while

Counting down. I’m wild

To see you again


In just half a moon.


Part II

Half a moon since I saw you last,
Time revolves, ahead and past,
Now half the moon has gone away
And half the world has gone to gray.