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Othello’s Song

Have I been chased by shadows?
Bad omens dressed in grown men’s gowns
Have I known this way leads down
Into the unbreachable flow
Of madness and loss?

I grip my love, forced to stay
I allow no slip beyond my span,
It cannot breathe outside my hand,
And therefore can’t betray,
But, oh my love, the cost!

It Be Morrow

For remembrance of the nearly lost
Are pangs severe to feel,
But there is payment for the cost,
It clatters through the coffer seal
And echoes whence it has been tossed.

How alike we must have been,
Two fraternals in our mother’s womb
Which is the watered earth that spins
‘Til parasites of sin consumed
The features we once shared akin.

We pause on our reflection:
The dam of time.
I flinch at your inflection;
I see you glare at mine.
We pray in different directions

And the sublime quality of similarity
Is strangled with our spacious disparity.