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Pushed beyond myself
Coldest nights relenting
To a brutal sun
Always repenting
For my solutions,
My desperate delusions

I’ve cut and run
I’ve been cut through,
Cut free,
Pushing back my view
Until all I could see
Were broken remains of peace

My goal and end:
I was shooting for the mirage
To deny my beginnings
My grotesque collage
Proof of sinning,
And violent endings.

Hard places
Teach the harder lessons,
And I’m ancient ears
Learning new confessions
Misplaced fears,
And hopes, and years

What doesn’t kill us
Makes us who we are,
And our broken bones
Have travelled far
And are still heading home,
Because we never walk alone

What doesn’t kill us
Is our greatest gift,
And I’ve been ashamed
To expose this rift
But I am not the same
For naming the name

But never forgotten,
And this existence
Has not been ill-gotten,
Our weathered resistance
Grows from our assistance,

The relentless persistence
Of the love of Jesus Christ.