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Pressed Prayers

Today I screamed silently
Into Your heart
Grief overwhelming my eyes
Torn apart
By all the hopes that die
Every time he raises his voice
Against us both.

When did we lose his heart
Or did I marry the lies
That have dried up and fallen
By the wayside
Of our journey together
Side by side
In opposite directions

What a little fool
I have always been
A fool for You,
A fool for him,
And foolish when
Wisdom drips like rain
And soaks the earth.

Four little hearts
Beat in our care,
Are they headed to You,
Or somewhere else
Only one of us can lead them
One can remain,
If our two hearts can’t beat the same.

I’m ripped asunder
And all Your promises wait
Are they drowning under
My failures? My sins?
The little fool I’ve been?
Can You pick them up again
And breathe in life?

Or did the little fool
Plunder her future
Her promise, her hope?
Dead promises, dead lies,
My path is comprised
Of the little dead things
I plucked while alive.


How we rove to find fault lines
Along the beggars’ crust.
Drunkards at our temples’ wines
Before they fall to dust,
And all we crave, and all that shines
Is eaten o’er with rust.

Kingdoms built up single-handed
Walling out their friend.
Blood and water have demanded:
Evaporation is their end.
The fools have all disbanded
Repackaged to transcend.

Governments so small
One mere ruler need preside.
Taxes levied all,
But none will thus divide.
We have built our gates so tall
To neglect the space inside!