Robed in White

Motionless, I’ve also paused in my tracks
To watch the woods fill up with snow 
The flitting beauty falls to rest in stacks
And this one thing I’ve seen, I know, 

God makes everything beautiful in its time. 

My children laugh like the north wind
Pinked noses exhaling joy in play
In the fresh refrains their voices send,
I remember sorrow is passing away

Reeling in death throes against the night. 

Already the carriage wheels roll the earth
Draped in layers of silken shroud
Carrying our strain and sin from birth
To sink beneath the cold, dark ground

Fresh snow momentarily covers the wake.

The life that rots, the worm that eats,
All these lay buried underneath the vow:
God will never taste defeat;
He is working even now

To restore the purity He made at first.

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