No Shadow of Turning

Morning wakes
From before it sleeps
Perfect Power, Love, and Purity
Hovers over shapeless deeps
With a glistening dream,
A secret to keep,

In His eternality, it is complete
Before it begins.

Morning wakes
Man stretches into the ultimate gift:
His Maker’s image
He hurtles toward the rift
Of rebellion and graffiti
And The Maker sifts

Through the timeline complete
To scour away the sins.

Morning wakes
Unspeakable Light coos
In baby gurgles and gasps
Perfect Power pursues
In powerless flesh
Those who choose

To leave their altars incomplete
Laying themselves before Him.

Morning wakes
From the garden kneeling tender
In blood-soaked perspiration
To the host of jagged timber
Cutting into the fabric of time
All creation to ever remember

The sacrifice required is completed
Restoring the intent of the beginning.

Morning wakes
As a baby grown ascends
Above death, above what remains,
He prepares for our end
Sharing His Dear Spirit
Who teaches us to mend

Until the hour is complete
And we again dwell with Him.

Morning wakes,
Every breath pulls us nearer
To the Hovering God
Whose plans were dearer
Than our sabotages
And I can hear Him

Whose song in the shapeless night
Echoes through every waking morning.

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