The End

Under my skin,
Within my skeletal frame,
Buried with no marker,
No memory, no name

It aches.

All the work I’ve done
Overturning stones
Searching the cause
Underneath these bones

Unearthing rubble

In my chest
This heart beats,
It bleeds, it calls,
It repeats

My one song.

I mourn
What shouldn’t be broken
The ferocity of fallenness
Like a raging ocean


A thorn in all flesh,
Marring perfection,
Worming underneath
Like some hideous infection

I weep

In the face of beauty,
In the eye of wonder,
My heart still bleeds
For all sunk under

The silent waves.

For the imperfections
In beauty acute,
Nearly imperceptible,
But never mute,

Never unsung.

For the ones fallen
Between the cracks,
Unsought, unknown,

I sing

In their company alone
I breathe
I look for the reason
We ever grieve

Even in our joy

A joy that waits,
Until the last heart
Repeats no more.

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