Monthly Archives: December 2013


These are Godless times.
We write Him out of His own history,
Condemn Him for our crimes
And celebrate His mystery

As our innovation.

We are a Godless people
Who do not work the field,
But eat our bellies full
Of everything that appeals

To our wandering wisdoms
And desires.

Lighthouse Sirens

If you can see
Past parting clouds and lowered masks,
Don’t wait for the lull to pass-
Speak quickly.

Weather patterns
Repeat forever, blow in and out,
And sever the lines of communication
A seasoned eye discerns

A word rightly spoken
Can lift the fog of interaction
And expectation to wind;

To see what’s broken
Is to mend.

Rain Torn

Hope is the flower that never blooms
Relentless rain drenches the roots,
Thick stalks reach the heavens
While leaves unfurl and flute

The petals wait in a fetal cocoon.

Pluck it, or tend it, anticipate
In a breathless storm
Defending the defenseless
Awaiting the vivid and worn

To bloom, to justify the eternal wait.