Monthly Archives: October 2013

Put Off Till Tomorrow

The minimalist in me still calls
To trim the fat from every hall
Purging until I scrape the walls

Eliminating the clutter sprawl.

But the mom in me says stay,
A toy in the hall is a toy still in play,
And one by one each toy gives way

To dreadfully quiet days.

Now and Not Yet

A hand to the helm
And an eye to the stars.
Let You be my course and aim,
And be my means both near and far.

Let me hold with cold knuckles
The wheel of obedience
To guide this vessel through fog and foam
With all hope and expedience.

Neither driving blind in darkness
But clear the webbed clouds of desire and doubt,
Through which I strain, but cannot
See Your magnificent route.

Be my works, and be my hope,
And be all You always are
To guide me safely home again,
Be my helm and star!

Of Course

Waves of faithful
washing over my faithless,
When I despair
as one who is graceless,
You respond
and fear falls baseless.

I know again, it will be okay,
for even if I cease,
Your love continues on
to uphold in perfect peace
where my love stumbles lame,
a slave to consternation and caprice.

Broken In

Exquisite pain,
Like sharp stones
Cutting into the surface of calm
Sending ripples on alone
To wake the rest.

Molten rock,
Melting joints while
Muscles smolder, sweat, and turn
Pooling in a vile
Puddle of suffering.

Pain in the depths,
The dark bowels of fleshly frame;
Ligament and bone,
Blood and tissue, pain
As the new normal.