Reboot the System

Depression is the next seduction.

Stuck in another deconstruction,

I hate the long transitions

Stuck in my own sedition-


How long are these traditions,

These binary oppositions-

I wish I could follow instruction.

I wish I didn’t speak destruction.


I miss the walks on the sandy shore-

I know I don’t belong there anymore.

No one thought I’d find subsistence.

It’s hard to break the habit of resistance.


I want proximity that isn’t coincidence.

Every part of life is long-distance.

I’ve walked all the new roads before

There’s nothing left here to explore.


I feel trapped in a world of vanity-

Ego is the worst profanity,

And we’ve built our towers high.

I wish I could still see the sky.


I wish I could hear the tide.

The waves are just implied,

But they were once my sanity.

What do I contribute to humanity?


I wish I could find my purpose.

I’m sick of the three-ring circus

Everyone is a juggler at a cheap fair

Everything stays in the air.


I meant to be more prepared.

I’ve dropped everything on a prayer,

And a cluttered surface.

I forget when I get nervous.


I need to take a walk to remind me,

I need for You to find me.

I’m good at shutting out the noise,

Carving fancy decoys-


Some towers need to be destroyed.

Deconstruct these cheap ploys,

Show me again Your glory,

Tell me again our story.

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