Bubbles pop, some stop
Delay their stay,
Sit on the blade of grass.
Crass decisions
Don’t always burst first.

Never did work that diner,
Finer dives offered better lives,
Everything went corporate
The portrait of America.

Trading sleep for cheap wages.
Had to kick my tobacco sticks
Because cancer costs as much
To acquire as to remove.
Improved my lungs,
Stung my mood.

Just the coffee now,
How I trust the brew.
Black swill, but willpower
Needs some release.
Keeps me sedated.

Thought I’d reflect.
I suspect I’d overdo it,
But TV keeps me occupied.
Compromised a few times,
But it ended fine somehow.

I usually focus on forever,
The grand, the stand, the
Land of the severed,
But I feel like a beer now,
Maybe a margarita;
Bubbles to pop when needed.

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