A Spiritual

Water flowing from black seas,
Nightly flee, nightly flee,
From the wasteland to free,
Set me free.

Because I’ve worn these chains,
They’re the same, they’re the same,
Through the years that leave me, they remain,
They remain.

Skies crack open, clouds break,
Take it, take it,
And don’t look back, forsake this,
Save me and forsake this.

My highest dreams, my sole relief,
Drink the grief, drink the grief,
These waves that pull it underneath,
They roll it underneath.

Dark and beautiful rolling waves,
Find the brave, oh the brave,
Find the broken and enslaved,
Break the bonds of the enslaved,

So justice can sleep unguarded,
Unthreatened, Unhardened,
So children can dance in the garden,
No serpents in the garden,

Water of gray and grace, day seas,
Flow through me, flow through me,
Bring the blues and hues of free
Set me free,

Set man free.

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