Lunar Excavations

Troubling dreams, but you are there
As some protection, or relief.
It was your nature to care,
When fallacy sprang from my grief.

But those lies and strivings ceased.
Motionlessness ever abides.
Your ruins, abandoned in peace,
Unearth round all sides.

A warm and familiar keep,
But always unspoken.
It’s here while I sleep
I see what you’ve woken.

You gave thread as a gift,
But I realized, bereaved,
Somewhere through the rift
I’d forgotten the weave.

I am diminished by and by,
Even as I advance.
The girl who never said goodbye
Never stood a chance.

Her old bones would dry and dust,
Chalk adrift in the wind,
But these waves refresh what’s lost
And threaten to emend.

The gypsy wasn’t in my blood,
But in my motivations.
After all these tiny floods
Crack weakened resignations.

I buried my head in your chest.
You wouldn’t have me cheek to cheek.
So much of me is laid to rest;
The ghostly tune rings bleak

An echo from dream to dream.

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