Diamonds in the Rough

I remember watching the dark,
Pressure from all sides suffocating
Until I couldn’t breathe, no spark,
No light waves undulating,

But that’s how diamonds are formed.

Then there was the volcanic activity,
The heat and the burn,
But that expelled from captivity
Leaving no bridge to return,

Then I was found.

You chipped off the black coat,
Cutting and shaping,
Until what You smote
Filled with Light escaping,

And Light indwelling.

Once ash, now resistant
To the taint of impurities.
Once buried deep and distant,
Now You’re my surety,

And I’m Your treasure.

Your light dances as my fire,
Designed to disperse,
To conduct Your heat higher
Until the world is immersed

In the wonder of You.

Broken to adámas in Your hand,
Like Superman. Are Your streets
Just plain settings of gold bands
For Your work complete?

Your diamond souls.

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