A Wall is Made of Single Bricks

I said forever was too long,
Too many variables to calculate.
I get my math all wrong.
I don’t believe in fate.
I said forever was too far to say,
But you can have today.

I said I don’t, I won’t, don’t ask.
I’m high-risk, low-return.
What hides beneath this mask,
Babe, you don’t want to learn.
My tomorrow is withering away,
But you can have today.

I said don’t fix it, just stop trying.
This record always skips.
I’ll drink until you’re dry and
I’ll pull until it rips.
I’ll burn it up, I’m burning anyway,
But you can stay today.

I was always skilled at treason.
I was always on the take.
I thought we could still break even
If we could still make a clean break.
I forced our futures on the scale to weigh,
But not today,
I kept today.

Who knew you could build a life
Somewhere inside each single day.
Now I’m a mother, and a wife.
You never listened, never strayed,
And in that gift you gave
Every day, another day,

Another everyday miracle.

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