My God

Dear God,


I cannot give you a careless word

Nor bear those already heard;

Pelted at Your heavenly ears

Before my blinded lips were sealed.


We scrape for momentary silence

In this realm of clanging violence,

And catch glimpses of Your face

Only in serene or somber places.


Solid skies with twisted stars;

Traces of light, unattainable, far

Removed from hearts, from hands-

We treat You like we understand.


I do not understand, cannot comprehend

A love that dwells in my darkest sins

And rises again to defend

With grace: A love that mends.


I see You in majestic storms

That shake the heavens, bellow warnings,

But drench with needed rain.

I tremble every time You refrain.


We are arrogant, sniveling creatures

Who boast and brag of our fleshly features

And ignore the fury in Your grace;

Your gentle, but relentless pace.


May I never forget Your heart:

A consuming, restless fire, You start

To tear down every inner wall

Just when I finally knew it all.


I don’t know You at all. I can’t comprehend

A God who bends around my rends

To love an enemy-

Which is all I am.

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