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My waffle iron is an old man

who groans as he bestows

dried parcels and dark stories

from breakfasts long ago.


My waffle iron is an old man,

whose joints creak and shake

and every lifting of his head

is another threat of break.


My waffle iron is an old man

though my children leap with vim

and run and dance along their way;

He can’t keep up with them.





The coffee pot sputters me awake.

My children color while their waffles bake-

The younger one loves what the older one makes

So as a show of admiration she takes it

and runs away.  They call me, the judge, to break

the disagreement. Pleading their case so I will slake

their thirst for justice, and I agree and forsake

My kitchen station- My mistake.

I restore peace then return for the sake

Of waffles burning, big black flakes

Into the trash- everything brakes.

We sit with what remains. We partake




And when these perfect days are over,

How will they ever be replaced


With anything but ache?