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I am a Protestant daughter;
My Catholic mother
Birthed me in the water
And I drifted farther

Than she would reach.

I washed up on Neverland.
I read the works of the lost boys
Who also traveled unmanned
Bereft of the pride and poise

That mitigates confession.

An orphan community
A ragamuffin clan,
Who found unity in the impunity
They drank from the hand

Of their Father.

The Reformed


Freedom from oppression

Left us open to translation,

Open to expression

Still plagued by conflagration.


Protestant meiosis,

Becoming less, and also more,

But the cells suffering necrosis

Are isolated from the core.


Still these arteries developing

Cause evolutionary confusion.

Similar cells are trespassing

During a standard transfusion.


Until these ages gray and die

And the erosive effect of sin,

Isn’t reborn like you and I:

What is broken works again


The way it was always intended.