To the Third Pedigree

I’ve seen a certain hubris
An idolatry of valuation,
The sacred kept on a short chain
Of tradition and education
Who, upon passing an orphan
In oversized church attire,
Pats the beggarly head
With stature rising ever higher,
Dismisses the ruffian with a kind word
And the double-edged demand
(The child is easily banished,
As he is citizen to no land.)

This walking hubris turns
Fingers to the golden chain,
Pleased with the service he renders
To the sons who may remain
He condescends and reiterates,
Proud of his behavior,
But at the true center of his sanctuary
You will not find a Savior.

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6 responses to “To the Third Pedigree

  • Dora

    “An idolatry of valuation” — I believe our Lord reserved his harshest words for this.

    • viewingcamelot

      Oh, you’re right. He is a tender Savior, tending to the least of these. Thank you for connecting that for me!

      • Dora

        Your words led me to this thought, that we are all made richer only by our thoughts of him, partaking of him by his Spirit and his word, in sacrament and scripture. Our worth is always only in him alone. And that by his grace alone.

        • viewingcamelot

          Amen! Solus Christus. His grace is eternally sufficient. I’ve been praying today about whether my words in this poem were too harsh, so your comment read like a direct response to my prayers. “Our worth is always only in Him alone, and that by His grace alone.” Amen, sister. For some of us that elevates us, so I suppose there are some who have to empty themselves and become less, in their own thinking at least, to internalize what a dear blessing the solas really are. I know we haven’t met, and forgive me if this is too forward, but I think I will greatly enjoy spending time with you when the roll is called up yonder. Thanks for blessing me today. 😊

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