My Genesis 1:2

I close my eyes to daylight,
Lulled to deepest sleep
By the gently lapping bay
In which I’m steeped
So tiny no one saw at the first
Whether I lived or died
But You carried me to the river
And dipped my feet in the tide

Merely a child stretching her legs,
Unable to walk, but I could see
Our essence is imprinted
By the timeline of eternity,
I felt the hours stretching before me,
The suffering, the weight, I cried
For the longevity of shadows
You washed my fears in the tide

I gazed upriver long
At the cost I once must pay
And I purposed, even then,
To give it all away
You set me apart for the task
The defiled You purified
You committed me to You
Baptized in the tide

Stumbling along the shoreline,
Floundering in the waves,
Every movement forward
I cried out to be saved
And You gently held my head
In the hands that sanctified,
You taught me to tread water
As I navigate the tide.

So far from where I began
But when I close my eyes to rest
I hear the water lapping
As the heartbeat in my chest
Silk waves folding around me
As a veil around her bride,
And I remember our communion
Mingled in the tide.

As each new shoreline passes by
You add joy into my journey
The unexpected blossom
Of unsuspected yearning
Constant in the ebb and flow
You stand with legs astride
Like mighty oaks in root
Unmovable by the tide

Your branches reaching every shore
I cling to You or drown
The Golden Sunlight dances down
Upon Your priestly crown
And praise erupts as crashing waves
Tossed from deep inside-
My God of every shore;
My God of every tide!

I strain to see the port
Wherein my journey ends
I’ve never been this close before,
Surpassed so many bends,
But I know the destination
Will be the journey satisfied;
Your presence marks the value
Of every passing tide.

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