Broken Teacups and Chipped Shields

Magnificent complexities!
This body that sprawls and flexes,
Breathes deep, bawls for necessities,
Excavates the keep and climbs the vertices,
And each piece fits into another
In set order, foot to knee to hip,
Mother and Daughter, Father and Brother,
But placement is less than kinship

Though one piece may not fit into another,
It need not imply other.

I am picking up the pieces out of the heap,
And they start clicking together
It might have to do with the company I keep,
And the storms I have weathered
If one member can employ what they are
and wound another, then placement matters
And for my design, to defer
Is to yield courage, to shatter

The hope indwelling immediate obedience, in meaningful connection
In the wilds of trust and His leading in the moment-

My moment has come; it’s time for me to trust
In the design He gave me,

And I trust Him.

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