I’m tired of being a fractured dish
The smallest on display,
With all my jagged, broken bits
In vibrant disarray
Like some offbeat, off-key,
Off-kilter cabaret

Are these seeping seams
Caused by fragile health?
Gifted with loyal friends, abiding love,
The immeasurable, unmerited wealth
Of grace in constant, freeing aspersions:
I’m tired of being the worst version of myself.

If these breakdowns
Breaking me down
Are caused by some physical intruder-
Misfiring nodes, a chemical frown:
Mend whatever interferes
And bring me back around.

If these longer shadows
Signal another pruning season-
Don’t let me run from the blade,
Nor commit the tiny treasons
That prolong the day
Finish what You began:

Deliver me to the day of completion.

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