To Whom I Concerned

I wonder how those moments began
Quiet, stolen, or given
To your rages.

You must have hated us for ages,
And what better way
To break us?

The blind trust of children
Who do what you say
Until it hurts

Then you threaten the worst
And we live in the breach
Between pain and fear.

Did you plan ahead?
Did you know what you could do,
What we would never?

We’ve kept our silence forever
And lived in it since;
We’ve lived in your sins

As you directed us to,
And it was never lust
Just hatred and power

That enticed you to devour
All the scattered fragments
Of our grander design.

And for my part,
My shattered pieces,
I forgive you

I will live through
All the remains of
These broken days

I will commit my broken ways
To the Savior who freed me
To forgive you

To pray earnestly for your salvation,
And your rescue.

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