And it’s always been hidden,
Or lost, or broke,
But when we spoke tenderly
It was enough.
Hiding in the dark
From monsters,
But the dark hides truths too,
And a blind embrace
Was our medicine
How we drank it down
And a blind embrace
Staves away dark nights,
But the sun wakes
And what will this day bring?
Now that we’ve seen the things we hid
The things we despise
Hidden by night in each other’s eyes
Will the sun ever set again?
We’ve seen daybreak
Illuminate and separate us,
And that light sits between us,
And a blind embrace
Is impossible to seeing eyes.
Will the dark ever find its way home,
To soften what we know of each other,
Or could this daywalking
Be enough in time –

Will the sun find a way
To warm our embrace,
The way we did at dusk?

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