Love Enough

Do I have love enough to feed
Hungry stomachs, hungry souls,
Or love enough to seek
The lost, to pay their toll,
My wealth for their needs
Do I love enough to protect
The little ones upon my knees
Or give my enemy the same respect
I expect him to show consistently
In my my offbeat, off-kilter being
Is there love enough to supersede
The grand gestures so fleeting
And inhabit the relational reality
Of elbows sharpening elbows
Like water shaping the rocky steeps,
Or love enough to let it go
To let what is just be,
Without dousing my salt and light,
Or falling fast asleep
Is there love enough in me?

The Spirit answers,
And all that is repeats
The open heaven and broken earth
And all the fins and wings and feet
Couldn’t interrupt His devotion
He pours himself out, rich and free
And in the downpour
There is love enough for me.

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