The Devil in the Deep Blue Sea

Break, my little boat, break,

Through the tempest, out to sea.

Hear in the howling winds aswirl

The final song I sing.


Close up my regrets and sorrow

Below deck, in rhythmic dark.

Let all my love and hope sing

Above board as you embark.


It’s time, my little boat, it’s time,

You do not need your oars.

The current has you now,

And now the current’s yours.


Keep your course, watch the stars,

Bear the bitter winds that blow.

Carry on, my little one,

You carry precious cargo.


When you reach the other shore,

Give love its castle-keep,

But do not free my sad regrets

Take those to the deeps


Then sink, my little boat, sink

Into some mysterious abyss.

Go down into the depths

Where all the ghosts live.


So my widow’s walk alone in sand,

Searching the gray skyline,

Won’t yield my empty little boat,

Sea-soaked in the sour brine


Of memory and regret.


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