Sidewalk Verse

He said, “God’ll love you baby

Just be Holy like He is.”

But I’m only holey like a pair a jeans,

And these things are big-biz,

Formal attire.

I’ve worn the nice clothes,

Don’t get me wrong, nice yokes,

But grease stains and coffee grinds

Strain the eyes of cleaner folks,

Who look away.

He said, “God’ll love you baby,

Just walk that narrow line.”

But I’m lucky I can walk at all,

Lucky when I feel just fine

In the morning sun.

I’d walk it if I could, I swear,

But I don’t see so good sometimes.

I’m good at apologizing later,

Or forgiving other people’s crimes.

Shame that don’t count.

I said, “God, will you love me Baby,

When I clean up, someday I will, I swear.”

He walked with me through littered streets.

He said, “I love you now, baby, I’m here

Because I’m holy enough for two.

I brought an eternity.

Can I spend it with you?”

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